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Empowering Your Potential
"Through Strategic Operational Solutions!"
Empower-Excel-Perform-Consulting - The SOS Group Inc.  Houston Texas

Your Consulting Partner in Developing and Implementing 

Winning Strategies  for

Enhancing Your Sales, Performance and Competitive Edge.




Winning Strategies!
Measurable Results!

Change management and growth from 1000 to 3000 in less than 2 years; priceless.
Developed plan, identified critical success and breakthrough factors; >30% growth in 9 months. 
Identified what clients value and focused sale team; >30% sales and business growth in less than 6 months.
Enhanced organizational responsiveness and accountability through leadership training; priceless.
Multi-national EPC project management team alignment, reduced cost, waste and time 35% allowing for earlier start of critical path work; 3 months, $6MM.
M&A value enhancement through performance and cultural transformation, achievement of financial goals, zero loss of mission critical IP; >20% valuation increase.
Maintaining personal accountability and focus on the right goals through executive coaching; reduced risk and on time delivery by 18%. 
Reduced turnover and associated costs through cultural transformation; reduced costs by 50%.
Organizational  analysis for measuring mission critical improvement issues for change management focus and transformation; reduced turnover and measurable growth of 25% per year.
Reduced department wasted time and increased efficiency; $1.5 MM in 6 months.

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