Cycle Time Reduction & Lean Process Improvement
What are your CORE business processes really costing you?
“We need a business process that is worthy and is respected. This means a process that can handle today's values and complexities accurately and efficiently - one that is positioned for the future and, therefore, can move ahead with the business, not struggle behind as it has been doing. “
John P Opel, Chairman, IBM
Cycle Time Reduction (CTR) is the application of the principles and practices of "TQM" - TOTAL QUALITY AND LEAN MANAGEMENT to key business processes with the added element of SPEED!  It is about refocusing attention from cost to time and creating the alignment that enables organizations to run circles around their slower competitors. It is a business process improvement workshop focused on risk reduction, organizational learning and work process improvement with a quick return on the investment.
The primary objectives of CTR are:
Why Cycle Time Reduction other than SPEED?
Applicable to business, project and production processes:
   Enables company to FOCUS on the objective
   Builds competitive advantage by improving the UTILIZATION of available resources
   Effects major CHANGE management in complex activities in a rapid manner
   Effectively manages interrelationships - ALIGNMENT
   Provides a systematic view of the organization's activities - INTEGRATION
   Maintains focus on the process - CONTINUOUS IMPROVEMENT
   Prevents errors; Improves reliability - REDUCES RISK
   Provides a measure of poor quality cost - REDUCES WASTE
   Develops complete MEASUREMENT SYSTEMS for defects and corrective activity
   Helps people understand how input becomes output - VALUE
   Helps the people understand and be motivated to take action - COMMITMENT
   A method to prepare the company to meet its future challenges - BUILDS TEAMS
   Huge cost savings & Quick return on the investment
   Increased customer satisfaction
   FAST results!
Find out how these workshops can improve your bottom line:
   — From top level commitment and selection the core processes to be redesigned;
   — To training of team members in the skills and techniques of CTR;
   — To implementation resulting in the improvement of efficiency and effectiveness of the selected processes
The learning and team development starts on day one; ROI starts on day five!
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