FAIL-SAFE Leadership Training and Management Development
"Effective managers are a key ingredient for increased profitability and growth for organizations."
Leadership combines the vision and curiosity of a dreamer with the practical engineering of a builder. A leader is goal directed, looking forward with anticipation toward the attainment of goals. Goals give meaning and purpose to life and serve as a continuous source of motivation in the pursuit of all activities. The capacity for leadership exists in everyone, but most people never take the time to develop it. Leadership is determination, courage, confidence and the ability to view a situation and respond to it.
Positive behavioral based leadership development, be it Executive, Management, Team Leader or any level, creates an environment where goals can be accomplished, the job can be done, the problem can be solved and obstacles can be overcome.  It has been proven that "attitude affects behavior and behavior affects results!"  By nurturing appropriate ATTITUDES you can positively impact individual and  organizational efficiency, effectiveness and RESULTS.
Ask us how we can help you improve the effectiveness of your leadership for greater cultural emergence, performance, goal achievement and profitability.
Development vs Training
Training is the process of teaching someone a new skill. Development is the process of getting the people to  use the skills they already have more effectively.  We tailor the "DEVELOPMENT" process to meet your needs. The outcomes of the behavioral based development programs are measurable including:
   Cohesive, Energized Teams
   Reduced Turnover
   Increased Market Share
   Improved Organizational Profits
   Developed and Sustained Corporate Values
   Professional Expectations Accomplished
   Increased Productivity
   Development of Positive Attitudes
   Visualization of Goals, Purpose and Vision
   Highly Functioning and Performing Teams
   Nurturing the Vision
   The Changing Managerial Role
   Motivation: The Problem & the Solution
   Organizational Development
   The Manager as a Leader
   Authority & Power
   Managerial Types
   Criteria for Personal Goal Setting
   Different Types of Goals
   The Value of Goal Setting
   Confidence & Leadership
   Confidence Inhibitors
   Overcoming Fear
   Work Environment & Motivation
   Using Motivation at Work
   A Basic Understanding of T/A
   T/A & Management
   Decision Making
   Participative Decisions
   Management Communications
   Communication Guidelines
   Active Listening
   Time Management
   Developing Subordinates through Goal Setting
   Dealing with Negative Behavior Creating a Problem-Solving Environment
   Managing through Goal Setting
   Criteria for Selling Organizational Goals
   Department and Personal Goals
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Leadership development
Executive Coaching
Strategic Planning
Cultural Emergence
Mergers & Acquisitions
TeamBuilding & Alignment
Leadership Development
Negotiations Skill Honing
Business/Sales Development
Cycle Time Reduction Lean
Behavioral Based Change
Risk Management
Organizational Analysis
Change Management
Lean Project Execution
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