Effective Project Management Execution
Project Success Is Dependent on Proper Planning and Execution
In an industry study, Booz/Allen/Hamilton reported that 35-40% of projects exceed budget and cycle time by more the 10% and thereby eroding project margins by 15% and more.
Adaptability, performance and profitability are directly related to alignment of strategies, people and processes and behaviors.  Are you winning new business and executing efficiently and effectively?  Are the behaviors of the team in line with the desired culture and performance objectives.  We can help! Our Lean Project Execution solutions are applicable to ever phase of your project.  Ask us how we can improve your projects performance and profitability.
Project Development Stages and SOS Performance Solutions


Strategic Development
Are you ready for SUCCESS? Do you have the team and partners to pursue and win the objective? Do you have the team alignment to succeed? Will your proposal have the impact and completeness to rise to the top of the list? Do you have the RED TEAM expertise to see the proposal as others would see it? Are you spinning your wheels chasing everything? Are your strategic objectives in line with your capabilities and business objectives? Is your team ready to negotiate and close? Do you have the right technologies? Will you, your team and partners be able to execute? We have over 30 years experience in the contracting industry. We can help you answer these questions and position you, your team, and your company to WIN!
Experienced Resources
The quality and effectiveness of your resources can make the difference between success or failure! Do you have the RIGHT resources to win, execute and succeed? Do you need management, professional and technical experts, site representatives, specialty consultants, contractors and/or partners to supplement your resource needs? Are you looking for key staff on a permanent or part time basis? We have the resources! ASK!
Planned Execution
You have the job and compiled the resources. NOW, execution is everything! People or groups do not make a team! Proper alignment can make the difference between average results and GREAT results! Are they aligned on accountability, the definition of success, critical success factors and have they identified the obstacles and opportunities that will lead to an accelerated kick-off and speedy and flawless execution? Don't let them just tic off the boxes – let our experts help improve accountability and results!
"ALIGN" - TeamBuilding and Alignment
Success will depend on alignment form the top-down! We can help you get the proper start you need to maintain momentum and focus from the executive committees down to the operating levels: strategies, values, mission, roles and responsibilities, accountabilities, communications, expectations, goals and objectives, interfaces, mission critical issues and opportunities, execution obstacles, quarter reviews and more……
"CHARTER" - Risk Management
Do you have a sufficient understanding of the risks and opportunities? Many companies perform internal pier group assessments and framing. These have value, however, an external pier group assessment performed by our industry experts can add value from the perspective of lessons learned by others as well as a an unbiased external strategic and operational analysis not available from internal sources. ASK how CHARTER can help you reduce risk and assure results!
Lean Time Reduction & Alignment
Lean Time Reduction with ALIGN offers a systematic approach to improving the efficiency, effectiveness and flexibility needed by teams and successfully achieve critical phases of projects.
Ask us to how "GAP"TM Implementation can help your project.
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