“We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them.” – Albert Einstein


The purpose of the Mastermind Group is to provide executives and owners of businesses the opportunity to work with a small group of peers addressing common business challenges and learning from each other how to become a better leader through a disciplined facilitated process that will help you grow your business with confidence.

Running a business can be lonely at times. Looking for inspiration? Your Mastermind Group provides the safe sounding board that will provide you with meaningful feedback when you're confronted by the challenges, opportunities and decisions that can change your business and your life’s goals.  It will also give you the opportunity to learn from others challenges and how they formulate a success plan forward.  Further, the group will help you maintain accountability to yourself and provide critical input as you pursue your quest for success.

Learn what Forbes presents as the 7 Reasons to Join a Mastermind Group.


Group Guidelines

·      Members are business leaders with a passion to openly collaborate

·     Each Group may have up to 12 members

·      The Group will meet, discuss and agree new members and or removal of members

·      Members will be selected from non-competing businesses

·     The Group will agree a common purpose statement and their rules of engagement

·      Members must attend 75% of the sessions to maintain membership

·      Group will decide if meetings will be monthly or bi-monthly, in person on video conferencing or will host one monthly session at their office

·      Each session will be facilitated by your coach to assure personal and profession growth

·      Each member will have a monthly Hot Seat opportunity along with accountability feedback on commitments to the Group

·      Group will have access to a private Group messenger board

·      Each member will have a one-on-one session with the coach each month

·      Session agendas will be based on Group needs, challenges and selected focus topics

·     Each member shall sign a Non-Disclosure Agreement to preserve confidentiality


 Benefits Being A Member


·        Informal Personal Board of Advisors and Group Thinking

·         Brainstorming & Diverse Sounding Board for Individual and Executive’s Issues

·         Better-Informed Decision Making and Problem Solving

·         Diverse Visionary Thinking, Critical Insights and Feedback

·        One-on-One Executive Coaching and Business Mentoring by the Group

·         Strategic Transformation, both Professional and Personal

·         Heightened Accountability of Goal Development and Achievement

·         Making Your Business More Successful by Increasing Efficiency and Effectiveness of Leadership Though Group Support

·         Expand Your Network and Create New Business Community


Group Membership


Membership to a Group is not guaranteed. Business leaders wishing to join a Group should complete the application below in order to determine the best fit and contribution potential. Applications will be presented to existing Groups for their consideration. This process aids in assuring the highest quality collaboration and benefit for the Group.

Business leaders will be given the opportunity to meet the other Mastermind Group members to determine the mutual interests and value they can contribute to the Group.

The membership application does not assure that an invitation to join the group will be extended. There is no commitment or cost until such time as the group accepts the applicant and the parties agree to work together. 

The Groups generally meet two times a month with an initial commitment of six months.  Sessions will be held by videoconferencing or at participant’s conference facilities if the Group is established locally.  Most groups will range from 8 to 12 participants.  Confidentiality and code of conduct are extremely important and will be agreed in advance by the Group.  Private one-on-one coaching will be offered and provided as decided by the needs of the Group.

Sessions will normally convene for one and one half hours.  During the session each participant will be given a Hot Seat opportunity to present a problem or challenge and then receive feedback and suggestions from the other Members. Based on the time available the facilitator will lead a business leadership topic discussion of mutual interest to the participants.

Key Commitments of Mastermind Members

·         You’re able to commit the time and energy to the group

·         You’re willing to share your personal insights to benefit other group members.

·        You’re ready to ask for, and receive help

·         You have, or are ready to create a BIG vision for yourself and your company

·         You’re driven to succeed.  Just getting by isn’t acceptable

·         You’re willing to show your scars. You know they show determination, not weakness.

·         You’re willing to be held accountable.

·        You believe that having the appropriate support network will make your journey easier

·        You aren’t willing to be blind-side by what’s in your blind-spots

·         You know that challenges come with the territory, but you won’t let them stop you

·         You are committed to aiming high and stretching yourself

·         You are willing to share openly and honestly about yourself and your company


Your Group Facilitator

Your Mastermind Group will be facilitated by Charles Wilds.  Charles has over 40 years experience working in the contracting and energy industry and executive coach helping individuals and organizations improve the effectiveness of peoples’ business results through strategic business planning, leadership development, marketing and sales, process improvement and more.  His client groups range from individual entrepreneurs, lawyers, operations leadership and CEOs in such industries as manufacturing, contracting, transportation, consulting, E&P and more.

Let’s Get Started – You have nothing to lose!

We are currently accepting applications for new members in our focus groups. Submit your application today to start realizing the benefit of having your own business advisory team and executive coach to support you in your growth and success.

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Apply today. You have nothing to lose and perhaps a great deal to gain!



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