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Today's Results Are The Outcome Of What You Negotiate!
In any negotiation, it is almost inevitable that we find ourselves thinking in terms of how do we get  to “YES!” Being a good negotiator is the outgrowth of your ability to master  the art of strategic planning and communications. That is, “the ability to establish a specific direction, and to proceed in that direction with the confidence that comes only to one who knows where he or she is going,  anticipates the obstacles and knows how and when to close."
Negotiating the "Quest for Success" offers a proven process to help  you discover, enhance and use the hidden potential you already possess. This   interactive skill building workshop is tailored to your project needs and   addresses
   What makes a good negotiator?
   Setting and Achieving Goals
   Sharing Lessons Learned
   What the Experts Say
   Mapping YOUR process for   “Win-Win”
   Strategies - Typical Situations, Emotions, and   more
   The Contract - Understanding Risk and/or   Opportunity
   Discovering/Understanding Wants, Needs and   fear
   Communicating - How do we get the best deal or   value?
   Decision Making - How to Close…….and   more
Everyone has the potential to EXCEL.   The breakout sessions and mock negotiations during this interactive workshop   helps you and your team focus on improving negotiating tactics, skill   building, goal setting, improving communications, understanding buying and   selling techniques, strategic mapping, decision making tools and process   improvement so that you can get more out of what you negotiate.
Negotiating is a skill building improvement workshop designed for   project managers, project engineers, site representatives, purchasers,   contract administrators and any one else who negotiates and wants to improve   their results in getting to “YES!” Invest in yourself and your team and reap   the benefits of achieving more “Win-Win” successes, making better decisions,   enhancing internal/external communications, elevating employee motivation,   and more - FASTER!
Negotiating Skills Workshop
Who Should Attend: Executives, managers,   supervisors, project managers, project engineers, site representatives,   purchasers, contract administrators, lawyers and any one else who   negotiates.
   How to negotiate positively and  effectively;
   How to negotiate inside as well as outside   your organization;
   How to build better teams through negotiation;
   How to resolve conflicts; and
   How to set and achieve objectives.
Participants Will Learn:
   How to negotiate schedules, change orders, estimates and contracts;
   How to achieve a win-win outcome;
   What to do when they have more power than you do;
   Valuable concession strategies that work;
   What to do when they resort to dirty tricks;
   What to do when they don't play fair;
   What to do when they refuse to negotiate;
   What to consider or do to get ready;
   Understanding the steps and actions in a good negotiation strategy;
   How to prepare your team for the negotiation;
   How to get the information needed to   achieve Win-Win;
   How to deal with emotions;
   Tactics or strategies: yours and theirs ;
   Interpreting what they are really saying or not saying;
   When to close or how to walk away;
   Handling   phone negotiations;
   The Dos and Don'ts;
   How to handle construction disputes; and
   Identifying and overcoming obstacles, deadlocks and more
Participants Will Improve Skills in:
   Developing and achieving goals;
   Decision Making, process   mapping and problem solving;
   Uncovering Wants and Needs;   and
   Negotiation planning and execution 
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