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Business and sales and marketing development is significantly different from sales training. In training, knowledge is transferred from one person to another. Business Development takes the knowledge and experience and applies that to the strategic direction and actions that lead to successful sales.  It occurs when knowledge is internalized, creating a strategic behavioral change that leads to the expression of positive, results-oriented skills and results.
We have over 30 years experience in the art, science, knowledge and know how that leads to successful business sales. 
Today's business is sales-driven and today's salesperson is a key link to success in business. The Sales Development process not only makes sales development possible, but eminently profitable. By understanding the sales process drivers and how to use them, you can excel in sales!
   Success in Sales
   Marketing Strategies and Action Plans
   Strategic Thinking and Success Planning  
   The Selling/Buying Process
   Goal Setting for Success
   Global Account Management Systems
   Developing Your Personal Goals Program
   The Sales Process - The 5 Stages to Success
   Developing Your Professional Goals Program
   Communication Skills
   Handling Stalls and Objections
   Success Attitudes
   Managing Your Time
   Continuing Your Personal and Professional Growth
The Results Are Measurable
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Executive Coaching
Strategic Planning
Cultural Emergence
Mergers & Acquisitions
TeamBuilding & Alignment
Leadership Development
Negotiations Skill Honing
Business/Sales Development
Cycle Time Reduction Lean
Behavioral Based Change
Risk Management
Organizational Analysis
Change Management
Lean Project Execution
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