TeamBuilding and Organizational Alignment
“Alignment gets the heart of a critical element of organizational leadership, namely FOCUS.”
Companies are facing growing challenges for increased performance, people resources and sustainable business growth and profitability. We are finding that Misalignment is the greatest obstacle and can be costing you as much as 15% of your gross revenue and more.
Can you image what stopping only a fraction of this bleeding would do you your bottom line and share holder value?
Collaboration and Team alignment is about stimulating movement from where you are now to where you want to be. It evolves around the Principle of Alignment. The Principle of Alignment provides the template for the systematic process that your projects or organizations can utilize to overcome obstacles and challenges and thereby enhance team focus on the achievement of greater goals and successes. "ALIGN" - Our proven Implementation Model, helps you focus on aligning your leadership, organization, partners, stakeholders and operational systems with your strategic direction. It facilitates behavior and attitude change and the commitment that will ensure a valid long term organizational improvement.
This Implementation Model is designed to provide you with a unique, customer-focused, cultural improvement process that is effective, efficient and adaptable to today's ever changing customer and business needs.
Our alignment programs have been successfully implemented with small management teams to large EPCI development teams of over 100 participants. Our success formula for these team alignments involves understanding the team challenges, the Principle of Alignment, interactive involvement by the participants, development of critical success factors, and the creation of common goals and deliverables that interconnect team members with common objectives. These programs are both engaging as well as operationally productive.
Client and Contractor Feedback:
   "Eye-opener to management on key decisions that need made soon."
   "Best way to meet and understand all stakeholders of the project on the personal level – Much better than    occasional office meetings or conversations since you are outside of an office environment"
   "Relationship building-Creates focus to solve problems."
   "The benefit is to be on the same page, to know what problems we're facing, to know where we are failing,    and to know the corrective actions."
   "Make stronger connections and started getting a laser focus on the big issues."
   "Raise awareness and outstanding issues"
   “The workshop brings all team members together to focus on what should be done to get the project well    done!"
   "To find a way forward in the following weeks to mitigate the delay the project is experiencing."
   "Communication, personal recognition, exchanging of ideas"
   "Understanding the scope of others and realization of how many people/groups are involved."
   "Movement in the right direction."
Over the years we have helped Chevron, ExxonMobil, BP, Statoil, ABB, Mustang Engineering, DSME, Samsung, McDermott, Heerema, Saipem, WorleyParsons and many others with project kick-off, mobilization preparedness, team/client and management alignment, cycle time reduction, risk management and more through our systematic “ALIGN” processes.
Outcome benefits include:

   1) Goal driven management teams - focused on teamwork
   2) Improved leadership communications and effectiveness
   3) Reduced mission critical cycle times and increased speed and focus on continuous improvement, and
   4) Improved overall adaptability, performance and profitability.
We have a systematic process that we can give you and your teams that you can use today and improve performance, FAST! We are experts in behavioral based performance solutions bridging the gap between strategy and performance in the oil and gas EPC project business. We have over 30 years of hands on experience.
Ask us how we can make your team alignment time more effective. You have nothing to loose, you might make a friend, new business contact or learn something new.
Misalignment - What is it costing you?

The "ALIGN" Facilitator
Your facilitator works with you and your team to help establish the objects and then map the process. The Facilitator then guides the group toward a destination. Facilitation makes it easier to get to an agreed destination.
How can the facilitator help?
   He is responsibility for the journey, rather than the destination.
   He is responsible for managing a process of information exchange.
   He serves as the director and tracker of the group's discussions, deliberations, and process.
   He is a process guide, someone who makes a process easier.
   He is the servant of the group, not its leader, and he works to ensure that the group accomplishes its goals.
   He offers process suggestions and enforces ground rules agreed to by the group.
   He keeps discussions on track, protects group members from attack, and ensures that all members participate.
   He focuses on how well people work together
   He leads the group in drawing out answers, building vision and developing plans that motivate everybody to achieve agreed upon goals
   He helps a group free itself from internal obstacles or difficulties so that it may more efficiently and effectively pursue the achievement of its desired outcomes for a given meeting.
   He is the impartial manager for meetings designed to enable participants to focus on substantive issues and goals.
   He is a master in the art of leading people through processes toward agreed objectives in a manner that  encourages participation, ownership and creativity from all involved.
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